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Benefits of using our Self-Watering Tray

Keep Plants Thriving

The plants roots absorb water from the tray whenever needed. Prevents over-watering or under-watering.

Easy To Use

Simply fill the tray with water or connect it with water supply.

Worry Free

Never second guess about when your plants need water. If the tray is dry, your plants are thirsty..

Long Term Benefits

Tray water refills average only once per month. No concerns about houseplants when away from home for extended periods.

Drought & Eco-friendly

Our tray greatly reduces the water evaporation from the soil surface and prevents water waste.

And More…

Continue reading more about why our customers think that Easy Gardening Systems Inc. is the best new root self-watering system.

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People Involved

The Team

Jack Wang

CEO of Easy Gardening Systems Inc., entrepreneur, and inventor extraordinaire.

Linda Wen

CFO and dog lover. :)

Julie Morgan

Website Wrangler, Social Media Manager, Account Executive

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One of the greatest advantages of using the Easy Gardening Self-Watering Tray is that it takes the worry out of watering your houseplants. You never have to wonder again, whether or not your plant needs water. The plant takes water from the tray only as it needs. Check the tray and if its dry, your… Read More

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One of the best reasons to buy our Self-Watering Tray is that it is eco-friendly. Utilizing our tray means absolutely ZERO water waste. The plants only takes up the water it needs directly from the tray over a period of several weeks. There is no spillage and much less evaporation rate in its self-contained environment.… Read More

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There is nothing like growing fresh herbs in your kitchen. Not only do they beautify your room, but adding herbs to home cooked meals make everything more flavorful.   Herbs need  many hours of sunlight a day, so placing them near a window  is crucial to their success. Self-watering is a consistent and very easy… Read More

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One of the many good reasons to have more houseplants is that certain species naturally detoxify the air in your home. Palms are known to assist in that area and do very well with root watering. Our self-watering tray waters the palm evenly and consistently from the root, taking the guesswork out of when to water. Palms… Read More

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What Our Customers Think

The results thus far of Mr. Wang’s automated watering device are very favorable and I am personally excited for the applications of this device in both the commercial manufacture of orchids and the retail application of home cultivation. It has the potential to revolutionize the way people grow orchids, as well as many other types of plants.

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